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What Should Clients Want From Their Commercial Cleaning Company?

What should clients want from their commercial cleaning company? 

Top Notch Work

Clients want quality work done. Quality work involves attention to detail as well as paying attention to special requests. 


Clients also want some flexibility with cleaning services. If a commercial cleaning company isn’t flexible, they’ll have a hard time staying in business! Flexibility might mean offering services such that clients only have to pay for services they need– and not having to pay for services they really don’t want done. Furthermore, schedule adjustments are important– sometimes a client needs to make a change to their cleaning schedule. They expect to be able to do so! Being flexible also means trying to accommodate client requests when they’re a bit inconvenient, but doable. 

Professionalism From Employees

How about employees? One of the main things clients worry about is cleaning company employees stealing their stuff! Therefore, it’s important that commercial cleaning companies have trustworthy employees. Ideally, they’re also courteous and well-trained such that they know what to do when they walk into a room, rather than just standing around waiting to be told what to do. These days, it’s a good idea for cleaning companies to do background checks on their hires. 


What are some other things clients want from their commercial cleaning companies? Accurate and easy-to-understand cleaning quotes are important, as well as quick responses and decent communication. When they call the phone number to talk to someone about something, they want a person on the other end of the line answering their questions, rather than a number that’s always busy, ringing and ringing, and/or always going to voicemail.

Problem Solvers

Finally, clients hire commercial cleaning companies to solve their problems. They don’t usually have the time or interest to clean their workspace. That’s why they’re hiring someone else to do the dirty work! If a cleaning company is professional and follows through on its promises, it should be quite successful.Golden Star Janitorial inc offers commercial cleaning services in and around Chino, CA. Call (909) 225-7754 for more info.