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Coronavirus Commercial Cleaning Services Ontario California

Few things in history have rocked our nation and the world more than the coronavirus (COVID-19). The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many things to a screeching halt, especially in California, where most residents are being asked to stay home to help stem the spread of the virus.

COVID-19 Cleaning Services

During this difficult time, Golden Star Janitorial is still serving our customers and is available to work. We are offering corona COVID-19 commercial cleaning services in Ontario, California, to businesses. Our cleaning team will help keep your business looking pristine and, most importantly, safe from the spread of germs.

We provide a wide range of commercial cleaning services to businesses in all sorts of industries, including but not limited to professional office cleaning, floor waxing, carpet cleaning, and other commercial janitorial services. Medical facilities, banks, daycares, fitness centers, and offices are among some of the many industries we serve.

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We're Taking Extra Precautions When Providing Corona Commercial Cleaning Services

To keep our workers and the commercial businesses we work for safe, our company is being proactive and taking all the necessary steps as laid out by health of officials at the top agencies, including guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Not touching their faces, staying at least 6 feet away from co-workers or others, staying home if feeling ill, and constantly washing hands and wiping down commonly touched surfaces are among the things our workers are doing to keep everyone safe.

We have the cleaning supplies and expertise needed to keep your business safe and clean during these difficult times. If you're looking for reliable coronavirus commercial cleaning services in Ontario, California, call us at (909) 225-7754 or email us at [email protected].

Janitorial Cleaning

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! This is why we are a Golden Star janitorial company.

Janitorial Services to Match Your Office Building Maintenance Needs

Keeping your store, office, or another workspace neat, clean, and tidy demands meticulous attention and regular care. We provide thorough, efficient, and professional janitorial cleaning services in Southern California to keep your establishment looking polished and professional at all times. With complete floor-to-ceiling cleaning for your interior as well as power washing and window cleaning for outdoor areas, every area of your business will be neat and presentable, and you will not have to lift a finger.

Golden Star Janitorial provides complete cleaning services to office buildings, commercial buildings, and privately-owned buildings all across Southern California. Since 1999, we have built a strong reputation as a thorough and trusted cleaning service. We understand proper cleaning means a lustrous look that customers will love, as well as a sanitary environment employees want to work in. Our cleaning service simply makes business easier and less stressful, keeping parking lots attractive and windows shiny, eliminating dust and dirt, keeping floors polished and bathrooms sanitary, and making every space welcoming. We work around your schedule and your budget, providing only the cleaning services you need when you need them.

Schedule janitorial cleaning for your commercial office, store, warehouse, factory, or another building. Call (909) 225-7754 for more information.

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Golden Star Janitorial Inc. Office Cleaning Services Provide:

  • A superior and cleaner office building, from sparkling floors to sanitized restrooms.
  • Dedicated and experienced support to handle any janitorial or office cleaning challenge.
  • 24-hour operations support and measured inspections.

Janitorial Services for Privately Owned Buildings

You've invested in your building, so you demand a business cleaning service that understands your situation. At Golden Star Janitorial Inc, in our cleaning business we do not sub contract or are a franchise we are family own and service.

For office cleaning, business cleaning and building maintenance call Golden Star Janitorial Inc., the undisputed Golden Stars of Clean.


  • Janitorial Service
  • Striping and Waxing
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Parking Lot Cleaning
  • Illegal Trash Removal

…and much more!

Why is Golden Star Janitorial Inc. a preferred choice? View our gallery to see why.

Big or Small, Give us a Call!

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Floor Waxing & Polishing Service

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! This is why we are a Golden Star janitorial company.

Polished floors give your customers and visitors an inviting welcome and immediately show the professionalism of your business. You have invested a great deal in giving your business a stylish and modern appearance, and maintaining that appearance is just as important. We provide floor polishing and waxing in Ontario, California, and the surrounding areas to give your floors that like-new shine. With regularly scheduled cleaning, your tile, marble, linoleum, granite, and concrete floors will look shiny and clean at all times.

Over time as employees, customers, and visitors go about their daily activities; they deposit dirt, dust, scuff marks, and more on the floors. Floors in high-traffic areas like bathrooms, kitchen areas, and lobbies are particularly susceptible. They lose their shine, becoming dingy, dirty, and even sticky. Floor polishing eliminates this worn-out appearance and makes floors look new again, renewing the vibrant color of the floor and scrubbing away the dirt on top. Whatever state your floors are in, we can get them polished and clean. Floor polishing and waxing can be used for large and small spaces at any time, whether you have just moved into a new workspace and you are looking for a new look or you are looking for scheduled cleaning to keep the space looking shiny and new each week.

Get Floor Polishing Service in Ontario

Call (909) 225-7754 to schedule floor waxing in Ontario, California, and the surrounding areas of Southern California.

Concrete Cleaning & Pressure Washing in Ontario

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! This is why we are a Golden Star janitorial company.

Golden Star Janitorial Inc, California's Commercial Cleaning Company, for all your needs!

For deep cleaning both indoors and outdoors, Golden Star Janitorial offers professional concrete cleaning and high-pressure washing services in Ontario, California, and the surrounding areas. We work with surfaces and equipment of all kinds and exercise great care to ensure the space is shining clean and any paint, finishes, or delicate parts are left flawless.

Contact us today for a free quote and on-site demonstration of our power washing services.

Power Washing Service Areas: Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, California.

Our Service Area

We serve businesses across Southern California, including Ontario, Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, and more. We work with businesses of all sizes, and we tailor services based on your needs, schedule, and budget.


Golden Star Janitorial Inc- Spraying Life and Luster Into Concrete Near You!

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Concrete Cleaning Services At Its Best!

If you're working with a budget, we will be more than happy to work with you without sacrificing service. Golden Star Janitorial Inc uses state-of-the-art machines, can respond quickly, and offers a satisfaction guarantee. 

Concrete Cleaning Services From The Pros

Our Services

Whether you need your parking lot scrubbed clean of weeds and dirt, you want your indoor floors and equipment clean of oil and stains, or you want to remove dust, bugs, or unsightly graffiti from walls or outbuildings, we can help. High-pressure washing cleans deep into surfaces and removes the most stubborn stains, leaving brick, concrete, siding, metal, and more looking new again.

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Man cleaning the floor with vacuum cleaner in commercial warehouse

Pressure Washing Equipment

We use a range of industrial cleaners and cleaning equipment to get to high-up and hard-to-reach places, scrub away resilient stains, and work safely indoors and outdoors. Whatever area, surface, or equipment you want to be cleaned, we have the equipment to safely and efficiently do the job.

Pressure Washing Staff and Service

Contact us today for a free quote and on-site demonstration of our power washing services. We can arrange concrete cleaning and high-pressure washing services in Ontario for your building, parking lot, parking structure, warehouse, and more.

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Move in, Move out, cleaning

Studies have shown that moving is one of the most stressful things that people do. In fact, some even cite moving as the most stressful event in life, ahead of things like divorce. If you're a landlord or a property manager looking to make life a little bit easier for both yourself and your tenants, Golden Star Janitorial can help. We can provide you with the necessary move-in and move-out cleaning services in Ontario, California, and the surrounding areas and get your residential or commercial property prepared for its next tenants.

Cleaning Services When Moving

When you reach out to Golden Star Janitorial for move-in and move-out cleaning services, we'll go beyond simply vacuuming the floors in your property and doing some light dusting. We'll get in there and clean every nook and cranny for you so that your property looks immaculate. From spot-cleaning your walls to scrubbing inside appliances, we'll make everything in your property look like new. We'll work hard to make sure that the space looks and feels as clean as it can be from top to bottom. At Golden Star Janitorial, we realize that most people don't take the time to do a meticulous cleaning job when moving in or out of a property. They have so many other things going on that they don't always have the time it takes to clean their properties. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our superior move-in and move-out cleaning services are second to none. You can trust our dedicated team to get your property clean in a matter of just a few hours so that you don't have to spend a single second working on cleaning it yourself. Schedule move-in and move-out cleaning services by giving Golden Star Janitorial a call at (909) 225-7754.

Carpet Cleaning

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! This is why we are a Golden Star janitorial company.

At Golden Star Janitorial Inc, we've been cleaning carpets since 1999, the year our founder, Jose Guerra, started his carpet cleaning service. Today, still family-owned and led by himself, the carpet cleaning company in Ontario, California, is synonymous with everything needed for the cleaning of your home and business.
Carpets are one of the first things your customers see in your business. Keeping your carpets clean and free of stains, dust, dirt, and debris not only makes your office look inviting and well-maintained but it gives you a clean, neat space to work in. We provide carpet cleaning in Ontario, California, for businesses of all sizes, so you can enjoy professionally cleaned carpets without you having to take any time or energy out of your day.

Interested in our carpet cleaning services? Click Here to Contact Us Today!

Stains and wear on your carpets are inevitable over time. Foot traffic through your lobby and offices wears down your carpet and leaves it is looking dingy and worn out. Replacing carpets is a big investment, but keeping your carpets regularly cleaned removes the dirt that causes fading and stains over time. Our trusted and experienced office cleaning staff provides complete carpet cleaning for carpets of all types. With regular vacuuming to remove everyday dirt and dust and deep steam cleaning to remove stains, your carpets will continue looking bright and new.

Serving Southern California businesses since 1999, our business continues to grow through customer recommendations. We are proud of our reputation, and we are pleased to share our services with you. Contact us today at (909) 225-7754 to set up a regular or one-time carpet cleaning around your schedule.

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Call Golden Star Janitorial For Superior Window Cleaning in Ontario

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! This is why we are a Golden Star janitorial company.

When you're trying to impress customers, clients, and other VIPs, aesthetics matter. You're going to be judged on every aspect of the presentation of your business, and your indoor standards of cleanliness are part of that presentation. If a visitor comes to your place of business and notices your windows are dirty and grimy, that's going to reflect badly on your operation.

Of course, aesthetics aren't the only consideration. Windows that go too long without washing and cleaning are more likely to become damaged and have that damage go unnoticed. Poor maintenance can reduce the lifespan of your office or building and reduce its property value as well.

Professional window cleaning isn't expensive and only needs to be done a couple of times a year, making it an easy investment for any business.

Golden Star Janitorial Inc offers high-quality window washing at affordable prices! We've been providing janitorial services to the Ontario, California, area since 1999 – and we have plenty of satisfied customers who love the results! We have the skills and expertise to keep your windows bright and attractive year-round.

Golden Star Janitorial Keeps Your Windows Looking Great

We know your office has a unique look with its own visual features, and we want to help bring out that look. Our Ontario window cleaning services can handle every glass surface in your office, including:

  • Storefront Windows
  • Windows With Awnings
  • Sliding Doors
  • Windowed Doors
  • French Doors
  • Exterior Ground Floor Windows
  • Stained Glass Pieces
  • Fixed Pane Windows
  • Skylights

With more than twenty years of experience, we know how to safely keep your windows and glass surfaces looking great!

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The Right Tools For The Job

Why hire Ontario window cleaning services when you could theoretically do the work yourself? Well, first, do you really want your workforce to spend their time washing windows? That's a distraction that prevents them from doing their actual jobs!

Also, professional janitorial services have tools, supplies, and equipment that aren't typically stocked in an office. We have water brooms and high-powered pressure washers, which are highly effective in cleaning windows, as well as high-grade cleaning chemicals. We can do the job faster and better than your own staff!

So if your windows are looking a bit grimy, don't let the problem get worse. Call Golden Star Janitorial Inc to schedule a professional window cleaning in Ontario!

Get Window Washing Service in Ontario

Call (909) 225-7754 to schedule window cleaning in Ontario, California, and the surrounding areas of Southern California.