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Commercial Sanitizing & Fogging Services

Are you looking for commercial sanitizing services in Ontario, California? If so, the experts at Golden Star Janitorial are here to help.

Since 1999, Golden Star Janitorial has helped our clients maintain a healthy work environment for customers and employees alike with our top-notch commercial sanitizing services. We tailor our cleaning services to suit the exact needs of your company and industry, and we only use scientifically proven cleaning treatments that will fight against and eliminate germs, viruses, and allergens.

Disinfectant Fogging Services in Across all of Southern California

One of our more popular cleaning methods is to utilize disinfectant fogging. Disinfectant fogging eliminates germs and disease-causing agents that are on commonly touched surfaces or are circulating in the air. Impressively, disinfectant fogging services not only eliminate germs, viruses, and bacteria but also removes mold and odors.

We invested in getting the best fogging devices to ensure our commercial customers have the dependable deep cleaning their buildings need. The fog uniquely reaches all areas of your building, including the hard-to-reach ones that may habitually get skipped over during the cleaning process. Notably, fogging is an ultra-efficient method, as it doesn't take long, yet will eliminate germs from surfaces, kill mold at the source and eradicate unwanted odors.

As such, when you hire Golden Star Janitorial for your commercial sanitizing needs, you can feel rest assured knowing we'll have your building looking pristine.

If you have any general or specific questions or would like to learn more about our commercial sanitizing services in across all of Southern California, contact us today.

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Commercial Property Cleaning

If both the interior and exterior of your commercial property don't look their best, you're not going to make a favorable first impression on your customers and clients. Change that today by calling on the cleaning professionals from Golden Star Janitorial to provide you with commercial property cleaning services in Ontario, California, and the surrounding areas. For two decades now, our talented and hardworking team has been delivering superior cleaning services to our commercial customers and making the surfaces inside and outside their buildings shine.

Reliable Commercial Property Cleaning Services

At Golden Star Janitorial, we're capable of offering a wide range of commercial property cleaning services in Ontario, California. In the past, we've cleaned everything from office buildings and restaurants to banks and fitness centers.

We can provide you and your commercial property with the following:

There are many advantages to trusting in Golden Star Janitorial for your commercial property cleaning needs. Your commercial property will, of course, look better when you take the time to have it professionally cleaned. However, that's not the only benefit of using our services. You'll also boost morale in your commercial establishment and make your employees more productive by hiring us to help you clean. It'll make your commercial property a more pleasant place for people to work, while also improving its look and feel of it for your customers and clients.

Call Golden Star Janitorial at (909) 225-7754 to schedule our commercial property cleaning services in Ontario, California.

Office Cleaning Services in Southern California

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! This is why we are a Golden Star janitorial company

Welcome to Golden Star Janitorial Service Inc., We provide office cleaning services in Ontario to small businesses, medical facilities, banks, schools, etc. Throughout Southern California. We provide ourselves in supplying professional cleaning services that will make you proud of your facility.

Who wants to walk into a dirty office each day? More importantly, who wants to show off their workspace to clients or potential customers when they know it's dirty or poorly maintained?
Part of being a successful business is maintaining a proper image, and Golden Star Janitorial can help you do just that through our cleaning services. We clean for businesses in a wide variety of industries, as well as schools, churches, and government buildings.

Plus, we customize our office cleaning packages to suit your needs, and we are available whenever you need us, be it daily, nightly, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or on a special occasion.

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Commercial Cleaning Services Include

  • Dust/Polish Desks
  • Dust/Damp Wipe Office Equipment
  • Sanitize Telephones
  • Empty Trash and Replace Liners
  • Dust Blinds/Sills and Baseboards
  • Vacuum Upholstered Furniture
  • Clean Wall Hangings
  • Clean Window Glass/Entrance Door Glass and Mirrors
  • Clean and Sanitize Rest Rooms
  • Replace Amenities
  • Vacuum Carpets
  • Buff Tile Floors
  • Wash Bare Floors
  • Sweep and Wash Stairwells.

Janitorial Services for Commercial Businesses

As the old adage goes, a first impression leaves a lasting impression. Regardless of industry, it is essential for businesses to leave a favorable impression on customers, employees, and people that walk or drive past their area of work.

One of the quickest ways to have someone form a negative opinion of your company is to have a dirty or unkempt workplace. It could be dirty floors, dusty fixtures, or tainted windows that cause someone to wonder if a business is "on top of things? Moreover, it could be a disorganized worksite or a mess left behind by a construction company that causes people to wonder "why would we ever want to hire them?

Luckily, Golden Star Janitorial can help. In Southern California, we provide janitorial services to businesses in a wide range of industries, as well as cleaning services to institutional buildings, such as schools, churches, and government buildings.

We know business owners and employees have a ton on their plate, which is why we want to make certain that having a clean workspace is the least of their worries. With our commercial cleaning services, you can rest assured knowing we will have your office or work area looking pristine.

Best of all, our services can be customized to suit your needs. For example, if you have an office building and need it to look sparkling each and every day to keep employees happy and impress clients, you can hire us for daily, weekly, or periodic cleaning services. Conversely, if you are finishing a job at a worksite or unfortunately have damage to your building and need a one-time clean-up, simply give us a call, and we will take care of the rest.

Construction Cleanup

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! This is why we are a Golden Star janitorial company.

Construction Cleanup

Remodeling, construction, new additions, and other projects are exciting, giving you more space, new amenities, or a new look. Keeping your business neat and tidy during this time and making it presentable afterward can be challenging. Our team provides professional construction cleanup services in Ontario, California, before, during, and after your project to keep your space looking great at all times.

Post Construction Cleanup

Once your project is done, you want to present your new addition or renovations to the world. We conduct a full and deep cleaning to make your space shine. The area will be completely clear of all dust, remaining wood, metal, drywall, and other debris, stains, scuffs, marks, and any other leftover evidence of construction. Click here to see a gallery of our previous work.

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Construction Cleanup Fogging Services

Construction does not have to interrupt your life, and you do not have to wait for the right time; with construction cleanup, you can start your project whenever is best for you. We work around your schedule and provide you with a number of services to remove debris resulting from construction and make your workspace neat and attractive.

Ongoing Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Golden Star Janitorial Inc offers this value-added service with the flexibility to work around your schedule. We work with you and your general contractor without ever inconveniencing tenants, customers, or visitors.

Preparing your new building space or remodeled space has been simplified by our experience. Golden Star Janitorial Inc's tools, processes, and knowledge are essential to delivering a clean facility for its grand opening.

More importantly, Golden Star Janitorial Inc delivers a construction cleaning program customized to meet the needs of our client requirements and does so meeting sensitive timeline requirements.

Our construction cleanup services are available for a variety of construction projects and facility types, including:

  • New Construction
  • Campus Renovation
  • Debris Removal
  • Window Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Final Walk-Through Clean-Up

Our many successful projects speak for us. Contact us today.

Bank Cleaning Services in Southern California

Do you want to increase the chances of people choosing your bank over all the other financial services out there? One way to do it is by keeping your bank consistently clean. You can do this by bringing Golden Star Janitorial on board to provide you with commercial cleaning for banks and financial institutions in Ontario, California. We'll help you clean your bank from top to bottom as often as you need, and we will make it look more appealing to both current and potential customers.

There are a variety of cleaning services that Golden Star Janitorial provides banking institutions. We can wax the floors in your bank and make them shine for your employees and customers. In addition, we can also wipe down your teller stations, your desks, and any other surfaces that might have germs and bacteria on them. We can vacuum any carpeting you might have in your bank as well, and clean your windows while we're at it. Additionally, we can empty out your bank's trash receptacles and clean your bathrooms for you.

The banking industry is very competitive, which means you need to do whatever you can to gain an advantage over your competitors. Making cleanliness more of a priority overall will be a great start. When you hire Golden Star Janitorial to do commercial cleaning for banks and financial institutions, it'll set your bank apart from others in the area and impress people from the minute they walk in. You'll have a much better chance of earning their business when your bank is clean.

Reach out to Golden Star Janitorial at (909) 225-7754 today to obtain commercial cleaning for banks and financial institutions in Southern California.

Daycare Cleaning Services in Southern California

It's near impossible to keep a daycare center clean throughout the course of a day. Even if you have a daycare facility that's on the smaller side with only a few kids, you're still going to find that almost every surface will need to be cleaned at the end of the day. Rather than trying to tackle the cleaning job on your own, allow Golden Star Janitorial to provide you with daycare cleaning and preschool cleaning services in Ontario, California. We can clean up any messes that you might encounter and help you start every day off in a clean, germ-free state.

We'll take care of cleaning up each and every aspect of your daycare facility. Specifically, we'll vacuum crumbs off your floors, wipe crayon marks and other debris off your walls, eliminate bacteria and germs from countertops and other surfaces, and even do things like empty your trash cans and clean your bathrooms. Your daycare center will be all ready to go when kids start showing up at it first thing every morning.

If you don't take the time to clean your daycare center from top to bottom on a daily basis, you might begin to have trouble attracting new kids to your facility. Parents won't like what they see when they tour your daycare center and find messes in every corner. Golden Star Janitorial can improve your daycare's appearance with our services. It'll make your daycare more desirable to parents and kids alike and keep your employees happy, too.

Contact Golden Star Janitorial at (909) 225-7754 today if you would like to take advantage of our daycare cleaning and preschool cleaning services in Southern California.

Warehouse Cleaning Services

Managing a warehouse can be a very tall task. From coming up with the most effective ways to receive shipments to finding the best methods for picking and packing items, there are so many things that warehouse managers need to worry about. Rather than trying to find time to take on warehouse cleaning yourself, let Golden Star Janitorial supply you with warehouse cleaning services across Southern California.

Professional Warehouse Cleaning Services

Equipped with more than two decades worth of experience, Golden Star Janitorial can provide warehouse cleaning services across Southern California, in almost any warehouse space, no matter how big or small it might be. From cleaning the floors in your warehouse to tidying up your office spaces, we'll make sure every square inch of your warehouse is as clean as it can possibly be when you call on us for our services. Warehouses tend to get very dirty since they're often filled with packing supplies and warehouse workers walking around. We'll take care of this problem for you by offering a wide range of cleaning services. We'll leave you with a clean and safe place for your employees. They'll be able to walk around inside your warehouse and do their jobs without having to be too concerned about slipping and falling on slippery floors or inhaling dust and other allergens in the air. It'll make their jobs much easier and give them an opportunity to be more productive day in and day out. Learn more about our warehouse cleaning services in Ontario, California, by calling Golden Star Janitorial at (909) 225-7754.

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Industrial Manufacturing Cleaning

Not every cleaning company is cut out to provide industrial and manufacturing cleaning services. It takes an experienced and skilled cleaning team to keep up with all the dirt, dust, and other debris in an industrial or manufacturing setting. Golden Star Janitorial is equipped with more than two decades of experience and can provide you with the cleaning services you need. We can help you keep your industrial facility cleaner so that you don't have to worry about keeping it clean on your own.

Industrial and Manufacturing Cleaning Services

The talented cleaning team from Golden Star Janitorial provides a wide range of industrial and manufacturing cleaning services in Ontario, California. From cleaning up heavy-duty equipment to wiping down surfaces in break rooms and office areas, there is no industrial cleaning job too big or too small for us to handle. You can count on us for the following:

The industrial and manufacturing cleaning services will do more than just make your industrial facility look amazing. They'll also make it so much safer for your employees. They won't need to be concerned about slipping and falling on a slippery floor or breathing in large amounts of dust while they're trying to work. This will make them more productive overall and allow them to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Give Golden Star Janitorial a call at (909) 225-7754 to learn more about how we can help your industrial facility.

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Auto Dealership Cleaning

Auto Dealership Cleaning Services in Across Southern California.

You wouldn't try to sell a car at your auto dealership without first cleaning the inside and outside of it, right? So why are you not taking this same approach to keeping your dealership itself clean? At Golden Star Janitorial, we can provide you with auto dealership cleaning services across Southern California, and the surrounding areas and make sure your auto dealership is as clean as it can be. This will leave a lasting impression on your customers and make them feel more comfortable about buying a new or used car from you.

Golden Star Janitorial can set you up with a variety of different auto dealership cleaning services when you turn to us for assistance. We will keep your floors clean by providing you with a combination of carpet cleaning and floor waxing services. What's more, we will wash your windows so that people don't have any trouble seeing the cars you have on display and keep your office areas clutter-free. We will even handle concrete cleaning and pressure washing services if you would like us to work on the exterior of your property.

When you make it your mission to keep your car dealership clean, you will have a much easier time convincing potential customers to stop by and see what kinds of cars your dealership has to offer. You can keep them comfortable while you're trying to work out a fair deal for the cars they want.

Get in touch with Golden Star Janitorial at (909) 225-7754 for more information.

Medical Office Cleaning Services Across Southern California.

When people walk into a medical office, they expect a certain standard of cleanliness. Otherwise, they're unlikely to trust the team at the office to perform exams and medical procedures on them. However, it can be difficult to keep your medical office looking consistently pristine, which is where Golden Star Janitorial can step in and help. We provide medical office cleaning and healthcare cleaning services across Southern California. We'll get your medical office clean as often as you need us to and prevent you from putting your patients into potentially dangerous situations due to the presence of germs, bacteria, viruses, and more.

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The Benefits of Hiring Professional Medical Office Cleaners

At Golden Star Janitorial, we have a team of professional cleaners capable of delivering the medical office cleaning and healthcare cleaning services you need. From vacuuming the carpets in waiting rooms to sterilizing the countertops in exam rooms and everything in between, we're experienced when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of medical office cleaning. You won't have to worry about your patients cringing when they walk through your front door anymore as a result of the appearance of your office.

Patients will feel more comfortable coming to you for medical services and are more likely to recommend your office to others when the workplace is consistently clean. Your doctors, nurses, receptionists, and other staff members will also respond positively to the cleaner working conditions. Golden Star Janitorial will see to it that your medical office gets clean and stays clean when you hire us to provide you with medical office cleaning services.

Call Golden Star Janitorial at (909) 225-7754 today to schedule medical office cleaning and healthcare cleaning services across Southern California.

Construction & Remodel Cleanup Across Southern California

Whether you're building a new home or business, remodeling an existing one, or carrying out another type of construction project, your property is likely to get very messy. Construction crews try to clean up after themselves when all is said and done, but the truth of the matter is there will always be something they miss. For the health and safety of your family or employees, the best choice you could make is to hire a professional cleaning company with a reputation for providing thorough construction cleanup services Across Southern California.

Since 1999, Golden Star Janitorial Inc. has been working on behalf of Ontario residents to ensure their properties remain spotless, and that includes during times of construction.

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Home Remodeling Cleanup Service Across Southern California.

Deciding to remodel your home can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming. While you're thrilled to be adding on or making improvements to your home, the actual construction process can be very taxing. Dust and debris cover just about every surface, tucked deep into every nook and cranny. Though crew members do their very best to clean up at the end of a project, they simply don't have the knowledge and supplies it takes to achieve absolute cleanliness. Golden Star Janitorial Inc. does.

Home remodeling cleanup services from Golden Star Janitorial Inc. ensure your freshly remodeled space is safe to occupy. Knowing that you don't want to waste any time after long weeks of construction, our professional cleaning staff works quickly to provide a thorough post-construction cleaning. That means you and your family get to enjoy the updated space sooner, with full assurance that the job was done right.  

Southern California Business Construction Cleanup Services

Outgrowing your place of business as it stands right now? Construction work may be necessary to meet your increasing needs. Whether it be an expansion for more inventory or personnel, keeping the space clean and safe enough to continue daily operations throughout construction can be a challenge. Fortunately, we can help.

Golden Star Janitorial Inc. understands that many business owners simply can't afford to close their doors during construction. That's why we offer construction cleanup services to Ontario, California property owners both during and post-construction. We will work around your schedule to ensure all dirt, dust, debris, and fallen materials are properly cleaned at the end of each day. Your 100% satisfaction is our first and only priority.

To arrange construction and remodel cleanup services for your Ontario, California home or business, contact Golden Star Janitorial Inc. at (909) 225-7754 today. We will work with you to create a cleaning program that is completely customized to your needs.

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